Treeworkx Competition

June 2018


Barry Cardiff




White Pine, Base of each item is either Elm, Burr, Pear, or Macrocarpa.


Sanding Sealer and Triple EEE


Between 400mm & 800mm high x 3mm to 40mm diameter.

The shapes and rings are all the same. They are made on the 3mm diameter section as you work from the finial at the top. You cannot go back, nor remove the rings.


Manawatu Woodworkers Guild


21 years

Entries from the Manawatu Woodworkers Guild

Globe 6 piece burr puzzle

Wood: Ash
Finish: Sanding Sealer and Wax
Size: 60mm
Experience: 2 year

Michael Osborne

Built Up Cube Puzzle

Wood: Kwila Ash
Finish: Sanding Sealer and Wax
Size: 60mm.
Experience: 2 year

Michael Osborne

Entries from the South Auckland Woodturners Guild

Wall Mounted Tide/Time Clock

Wood: Ancient Kauri with London Plane back

Embellished: Texturing and paint
Finish: Beal System
Size: 300mm x 300mm square x 40mm deep
Experience: 8 years

Ross Johnstone

Lidded Box

Wood: Buloke
Embellished: Paua insert
Finish: Beall
Size: 950mm
Experience:  10+ years

Graeme Mackay

Conical Lidded Box

Wood: Kauri
Finish: Ian Fish
Size: 185mm high
Experience:  10+ years

Graeme Mackay

Little Tree

Wood: Mallee Burl
Finish: Oil
Size: 45mm x 180mm
Experience:  10+ years

Graeme Mackay

Entries from the Tauranga Woodcrafters Guild


Wood: Claret Ash
Embellished: Pyrography/Branding, Texturing
Finish: Danish Oil
Size: 130mm x 45mm
Experience:  20 years

Grant Parker

Totara Box

Wood: Totara Burr
Embellished: Texturing and Paint
Finish: Sanding Sealer & Friction Polish
Size: 170mm x 170mm
Experience:  20 years

Grant Parker

Pot Pourri Bowl

Wood: Pohutukawa
Embellished: Texturing
Finish: EEE & Friction Polish
Size: 150mm x 50mm
Experience:  20 years

Grant Parker


Wood: Kauri
Embellished: Turquoise
Finish: Danish Oil
Size: 75mm x 55mm
Experience:  1 year

Dan Best

Entries from the Wairarapa Woodworkers Guild

Entries from the Waitaki Woodturners Guild

(Idea based on a Greek column)

Wood: Rimu
Embellished: Carved Engraving
Finish: Shellawax
Size: Base 150mm x 150 mm, Height 315mm
Experience: 20 years

Graham Pearson

Lidded Box

Wood: Maple
Finish: Triple eee and glow
Size: 100mm x 80mm
Experience: 12 years

Adriaan Slooten