Facilities for Individual Members

If you are applying for membership by post then please use this form.

Individual Detail Updates

Please fill out the form and let us know when you change some of your personal contact details (Address, email etc).

Submitting the form will email us and we can ensure that our records are up to date with things such as your magazine and correspondence delivery addresses.

Prospective members can use the web site to pay for membership via a credit card. However this option is primarily provided for overseas members who do not have a NZ bank account.

The option that we would encourage members to use is direct payment into the NAW account as it is the most cost effective method of payment and as it saves us bank fees . The account number is

02 0428 0078968 01

Account name National Association of Woodworkers (NZ) Inc.

It is essential that you include your name when using direct payment online or paying at the bank to ensure we can identify who paid for their subscription. It will save us sending you out reminders and the time to try and find out where the money came from. The banks will not tell us. There is still the cheque option for payment should you wish to use that option.

From just $50 this is why you should join the National Association of Woodworkers

  • Creative Wood
    • Four copies per year of our award winning magazine Creative Wood.
    • This is packed full of information relevant to today’s woodworkers.
    • Open invitation to write articles for publication in Creative Wood.
  • Membership Discount App
    • This card gives discounts at a wide range of relevant organisations such as :   Carters,  NZ Safety,  Placemakers, Repco etc
  • NAW Public Liability Insurance
    • Which covers members participating in club-approved activities.
  • NAW website
    • Provides a platform for members to obtain information about woodworking activities nationwide.
    • Provides access to extensive photo galleries for members to enjoy and learn from.
    • Provides a list of New Zealand NAW-affiliated clubs, their meeting times and full contact details.
    • Provides an approved list of demonstrators that individuals can contact for tuition.
  • National Certificate of Woodturning
    • NAW offers each member the opportunity to upskill through the woodturner training programme: National Certificate of Woodturning.
    • This programme is run through local NAW-affiliated clubs. Contact your local club for more information.
  • Sponsorship
    • NAW members get significant discounts on entry fees to NAW sponsored events.
    • NAW regularly tours top woodworkers from overseas, to keep our members up to date with the latest ideas and techniques from overseas.

Fees for joining the NAW


After 30th Sept
New Zealand Individual$50$25
New Zealand Joint membership $75$37.5
New Zealand Business$75$37.5
Overseas Member$100$50