National Woodskills Festival Kawerau - 2018

This really is a marvellous show of a huge variety of woodwork. Everything from some significant sculptures down to tiny woodturning. Every age class of woodworker is involved with some categories for specific groups of young people. To make it a little more special there is also one class where Pinus radiata must be the wood used – and that produces items every bit as good as the much more expensive timbers.

Pinus Radiata

Use of stain or paint must not inhibit visibility of the natural pine wood.

Carving – Open

No turned articles.

Sculpture – Open

Not turned articles.


Novice workers with less than 2 years experience.

Woodturning – Open Traditional

To make a functional item that has no form of embellishment. All work is to be done while wood is turning on the lathe.

Woodturning – Open Artistic


Novice workers with less than 2 years experience to make a moveable functional item as per category 8.

Furniture Open

Moveable generally function-able items that furnish a house

Marquetry & Intarsia

Toys & Models, Games

(not necessarily just for children)


 (Any wooden object)

Indigenous Carving

Ru Heather Memorial for Best Local Entry

The Lily Stubbs Memorial Honours Board