Confirmation of Renewal of NAW membership

In order to complete the renewal process we need you too execute one of the following options.

If you have a New Zealand bank account then we would prefer you to make the payment via a direct bank transfer using the following bank details.

 02 0428 0078968 01

Please note that even if you do not have on line banking facilities you can still use this option by going into your bank branch and getting them to do the transfer using these details.

Alternatffivly you could send a cheque to the membership secretary at 34 Acornia Close, Ohauiti,
Tauranga 3112, and make the cheque payable the National Association of Woodworkers.

Credit card

Overseas members must pay by credit card via PAYPAL.

New Zealand members can also pay this way but in does incur an additional cost.


When the membership secretary has confirmed receipt of payment then he will send a confirmation email.