Health and Safety Guidelines
For the operation of clubrooms

All of the following information is available in a WORD file or a PDF file that can be downloaded via the buttons below.

This is a guide for equipment and activities in a clubroom. This is a situation where those attending are experienced club members or persons working under supervision or persons watching others at work.

After each participant has signed a Health and Safety Declaration the club executive expect participants to abide by that declaration.

In all emergencies, follow the directions of the Health and Safety Officer.

Emergency Evacuations Fire

Make sure you are familiar with the location of the fire alarm activation switches and the evacuation assembly area.
In the event of fire being discovered sound the alarm by activating the nearest fire alarm switch. The Health and Safety Officer or a deputy is to call 111 to advise the Fire Service.
All personnel are to evacuate the building immediately and assemble at the Evacuation Assembly Area and are to remain there until given the all clear by the Health and Safety Officer.


Switch off equipment. Take cover under tables or in doorways, crouched face down, head and neck covered away from windows. If no tables are available crouch face down, head and neck covered on the floor against the wall.

Volcanic Eruption and Flooding

Listen to and follow the instructions of the Health and Safety Officer.

Setup of equipment

Electrical power

In a clubroom situation power cables should be permanent installations on the wall or from the ceiling.
For short-term use you need to ensure any extension leads / power cables are not damaged and are of a suitable grade/quality for the machinery to be connected to the power supply.
All power cables are to be kept away from walkways or taped down to prevent tripping.
Do not overload plug boards etc. with excessive connections.

Operation of equipment

Only people trained to operate that item of equipment, or working under supervision of a trained operator, are to operate that item of equipment.
No-one considered to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be permitted to operate any equipment. The decision will be made by the Health and Safety Officer and is final.
You must follow any instructions given to you by the Health and Safety Officer in regard to any Health and Safety issue.
Anyone operating any equipment in a manner deemed to be dangerous or inappropriate by the Health and Safety Officer will be removed from the premises.
At all times all machinery must be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and in a manner that will not endanger any other person.
It is your responsibility to ensure that no wood comes off any machine and harms other people.
Dust is to be kept to a minimum at all times.

Ensure there is no flammable material close to any grinding equipment.

All wood shavings are to be removed from accumulating around equipment on a regular basis to prevent fire danger.
All cloths, rags etc. used for the application of oils and/or polishes must be removed from the building overnight and placed in the open air.
Appropriate Personal Protection Equipment must be worn when operating equipment or being close to and watching the equipment at work. The standards are: no open-toed footwear, no loose clothing, a face shield while operating a lathe, and safety glasses as a minimum when operating other machinery.
Ensure all equipment is turned off when it is not in use.

Do not allow yourself to be distracted by other people while operating any equipment or using tools.

Remember, it only takes a moment of inattention to have an accident but the effects could be for a lifetime.

All the above information is available in a WORD file or a PDF file that can be downloaded via the buttons below.